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London Property Search in the media

Sarah Van der Noot, Managing Director of London Property Search is frequently called upon for quotes and articles by the national and international press and specialist property publications. Here are just a few examples:

Giving an informed opinion on the real value of a house is part of the search agent's task. "Vendors are in a position to hold out for more than the asking price," Ms Van der Noot says, "but it's my job to say, 'don't pay any more for this place - it's being pushed over the market value."
The Times

"Having problems finding a new house? Maybe a search agent could help. Sarah Van der Noot of London Property Search has been working solely on behalf of buyers since 1995 having served her ‘apprenticeship’ working for blue chip estate agencies for the previous 12 years."
The Times

This may seem like a rather hefty additional expense, but most clients see it as an investment. Accountant Alan Pocock credits Sarah for saving him far more than his eventual £28,000 fee. "She saved me around £50,000. She’s shrewd, very perceptive and determined, just the sort of person you want working for you."
The Independent

Honest advice is crucial to buyers of investment property. Sarah Van der Noot of London Property Search talked her client Charles Malvern out of his decision to buy a two-bedroomed investment flat in Chelsea and persuaded him to buy a four-bedroomed Fulham house before his move to Singapore. "Her advice was spot on," says Charles. "The Chelsea lettings market was difficult at that time, but the house she eventually found was let before the builders were out of there."
The Independent

With the completion date on their sale looming the Thompson's approached Sarah Van der Noot, who runs London Property Search. She visited them, took a detailed brief, formed an idea of their present lifestyle and within a couple of days came up with some sample houses. "It's a great relief to have someone on our side."
The Sunday Times

Sarah Van der Noot of London Property Search says:
"I have about 400 property contacts on my database, including some very obscure ones who sometimes get interesting property but whom most house-hunters would never think of approaching. Also a lot of sellers put their houses on the market quietly with no publicity and search agents often get to hear of these properties first."

Sarah Van der Noot of London Property Search says:
"Right now the market in London is one of the most extraordinary I've seen - the lack of supply and massive demand has had a huge effect on prices and has made the job of buying property even more frustrating for the individual”
The Guardian

"It took two months to sort out the problem which delayed the exchange of contracts. The sellers were anxious to move and making noises about putting the flat back on the market. Sarah Van der Noot, of London Property Search, dealt with all of this hassle which I am sure is the only reason we didn’t get gazumped."
Evening Standard


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