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  Sarah Van Der Noot  
  'Your interpretation of my requirements was exceptional.   You knew better than I did what I was looking for. I am thrilled with my new home'  AP - South Kensington  

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About London Property Search

Managing Director, Sarah Van der Noot, began her career in the London residential property market in 1985, working in high-end sales and rentals for blue chip companies. In 1995 she set up London Property Search, to help British and international clients acquire prime London properties.

Sarah explains: “A leader in the property search profession since its beginnings, we do far more than simply look for properties. We aim to show our clients the best available properties that meet their detailed requirements, and to secure their chosen property on the best possible terms.”


We have kept ourselves deliberately small and exclusive. Your search will be handled by the experienced consultant you meet at the outset. This person will get to know you well and will work with you from the beginning to the end of your search.


London Property Search is an independent and privately owned company and we only work for clients who are buying property. Estate agents work for those selling a property, so their aim is to obtain the highest possible price and a quick sale. The buyer’s needs are not their concern. Although some estate agents also dabble in property search, it is hard to see how they could be fully independent of the sales arm of their own company.

“London Property Sales’ independence means that our interests are 100% aligned with those of our clients. Few companies with the required experience are able to claim this,” says Sarah. “We are never involved in situations where there could be conflict of interest. Our job is to support the best interests of the buyer, to use their time wisely and make the process not just stress-free but enjoyable and rewarding.”


Our property industry pedigree gives us unparalleled relationships with estate agents, developers, other property professionals and experts. Having worked in the sector since the 1980s, London Property Search has exceptional in-depth knowledge of the London residential property market and all its idiosyncrasies.


Our commitment is to offer the most comprehensive, personal and bespoke service possible. We work hard to find the best properties before anyone else. We know our marketplace in depth and property values precisely. Additionally, we do the most thorough due-diligence and negotiate the best possible price for our clients. However, the heart of our business is providing a premium service, not just property advice.


Because our service is so in-depth and personal, we avoid spreading ourselves too thin. So that we can provide the same high level of service to each client, we typically work for a maximum of four at once. Most other search agents work with up to 12 at a time.

Unlike many larger property search agencies, we never take on two searches with the same brief concurrently. We will only represent one client per search location and price bracket at any one time. All our clients can be completely confident that we put them first, with no conflicts of interest prejudicing our judgment.


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